..we are stardust..

Today….”big sigh”

I was raised in a household that embraced responsibility, both personal and communal. That prejudice and hatred were not something to be proud of, and that morality was not the exclusive property of any one religion, but the true measure of a human being.

We were taught to see nature as a gift to be cherished not exploited, that our planet was fragile and finite in its resources, and that life was precious and the taking of it, while necessary at times should be done with dignity and respect for the life lost.

My mother was a strong working woman and a nurturing mother. My father was not threatened by her strength and enjoyed having a true partner in life. When she was weak he was her strength and when he was weak she was his. Together they created a wonderful environment in which to raise their children.  Now that I am older and my daughter is grown and married, I can only hope that I have passed this on to her.

I was also taught to stand up for what I believe was right no matter what. That to sit by and watch and do nothing was unacceptable.

So now I see the world around me and I am sad. Sad about the lies and fear that drive people to say and do the awful selfish things they do.

I try to stand up but am bombarded by those who want to buy into and perpetuate the lies that make them look righteous in thier selfishness. They say their way is the right way but I do not believe that taking away from others to give to yourself is right. I don’t believe that we are not responsible for our fellow man, that we owe them nothing and are justified in stepping on them in our climb to the top, that our wants can only be satisfied by another’s loss.

I believe that hate and fear do nothing but create more hate and fear. That love and compassion are the only way to live, but it is hard. Hard in the face of negative words to not succumb to the very same hatred I strive to fight against.

So I will try to understand, try to see past the negative to the true nature of the loving beings I believe we are. I will try to see both sides and admit when I am wrong, but I will make my own decisions because most of all I believe in myself.