..we are stardust..
Past Stuff

and two years later…….

I am not a liberal by most peoples standards nor am I a conservative by those same standards. I am a human being with a mind and eyes and ears. I remember the past and do not believe the rhetoric being pumped out by the controlled media.

I don’t not need to be told how to have a connection with the divine, or told my connection is somehow lacking, I feel it in my heart and know it is true.

I am saddened by the divisions that are being promoted by those on both sides with agendas. We are being played by those in power, the power that we have given them each and every time we badmouth and blame others who are also pawns in the game.

It is time to put the blame where it belongs, it is time WE all of us….liberal, conservative, men and women to stand up and say you will not tell me what to believe, you will not tell me who to hate and you will not tell me that everything is for sale including my planet, my dignity and my honor.

I am a hippy child with love in my heart for all of mankind and this precious planet we call home. I do not believe in taking from others to make myself more. I am more because of what I give to others.

I will never give in to what they tell me to believe I know what is right and I will never give up hope.

originally posted on my FaceBook 1/28/2014