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TOO Hot Outside

Another day of record heat. So I’m staying inside in the AC and making trip maps for our sojourn next month. Finding a bunch of restaurants along the way as well as geocaches to find.

Geo Caching – The Journeys Begin

A friend of mine a while back told me about Geo Caching. So I went to the site and checked it out.

WOW very cool idea!  I love to get out and about and take photos but this is an added bonus of getting to go treasure (cache) hunting.

So I signed up and am looking forward to starting my journey. I purchased a couple of “trackables” and will be blogging about my (thier) travels, here ROT 13 and here Travel Sun

Check it out


Nice Weather

Days are warm and nights are cool, so far its been a nice spring. Herbs are growing ….ahhh