Vagabond Soul

..we are stardust..

Past Stuff

Spirits are afoot

Samhain is almost here and the spirits in my house have already begun their antics. Curtains being pulled, drawers opened and just a general feeling of a full house.

Hopefully mom is here as well. I will make sure as I always do to call her and dad and let them know how much I miss them.

This will probably be my last with Bubo as she is 13 now. So we shall sit together as always, light the candles and let our spirits join.


for things un-said, un-done
for opportunities missed through ignorance or fear
for the short sightedness of those blinded by hate or greed
for the narrow-mindedness of those who claim enlightenment
and for those who suffer despite their innocence

May we not act in haste and REGRET even more