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Women’s Domain

Women’s Domain

Poor, silly girl. You are but following
The road your sister’s trod before,
Your childhood now forever lost,
The Starry, Rosey land of dreams -No more.

Why did you throw the “child” away so soon?
“Twas the mantle to hide your tender heart.
You reached towards a “womans’ world”
Before you knew what it contained.

You only knew the beating of your heart,
And not the strengths a woman needs,
To deal with that charming beast – the male:
Protected not against his selfish heart.

Where was that other woman,
The one who once did cradle you?
To teach you of yourself, and give you strength,
Before you started on the road of “No Return”

Did she not know of what she owed?
Forgot the startings of her womanhood,
Or did not have the strength herself,
To share the secret knowledge we have.

Each tear you shed, is echoed within us all,
And perhaps there is no preparation that can
soften that moment, small or large,
When girldhood’s soul is left behind , and,
you join the “Women’s Domain”.

“Sylvia O Robinson 1937-1995”